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New: !!! Zuzana Ruzickova - harpsichord player no 72389 (in musical stories)

New: !!! Book "Digital Systems (Maarhot Sifratiot) for class 10 written with Raja Elias

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Jan Laron presenting "Rock meets Classic 7 at Haifa Cinematec 231015

Jan and Bruria 2015 - 34 years together

: My name, Adress, Telephones and e-mails

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haviva reich 14         (972) 04-8239018 (evening)             uch1L@iec.co.il           jan.laron1@gmail.com
haifa 32547                 (972) 052-3996114 (mobile)             


Something personal....

Dear Visitors !

Mahat refused to allow us to publish the tests and we decided to publish only the full answers All the exams are downloaded from MAHAT site or from this site Choose one of the subject

My new books written for Tichon (class 10 and class 11) - Written with Raja Elias

    My Books

          Analog laboratory, Data sheets and References


    Technion - Electrical Faculty - Lab A - analog experiments'


    PSpice - references

     DSP Lab

    Analog Electronics (Takbilit)       

    Digital Electronics - tests, solutions, references       

    Digital - (Maarhot Sifratiot)

     Control Theory- tests, solutions, references      

     PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers

     : - Labview - tests, solutions, references


     ; My Books written for Open University

    TEXAS 89 - some features

     Music Stories

     Rock Kolnoa evenings